Petition & Mapping

Geographical campaign spread at 2pm 08/08/14. Signatories from 44 nations from across the world. 17, 679 signatures, rising rapidly.
Created by Lucy Hawkes, University of Exeter (in Cornwall)


Mapping of all 1300 signatories on the petition (up to 11am 7th August 2014). The campaign went live at 11am on Saturday 31st July 2014. This map shows the reach of campaign support, spreading around the world after only four days!


One comment on “Petition & Mapping
  1. Tina Downes says:

    Keep up the pressure for the hospital ship; 16 medics is a start but NOT enough and it is pointless putting help for Gaza under Israeli control. This is a weak and feeble response from a gutless and unprincipled government. Gaza needs as much help as the international community can provide not just what’s politically expedient. Thank you for the petition.


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