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Send RFA hospital ship to Gaza

West Briton 04/08/14
Campaign to send RFA Argus hospital ship to Gaza

The Guardian 04/08/14
UK Government reviewing £8bn of arms sales to Israel
(2nd half of the article refers to RFA Argus)

Western Morning News 04/08/14
Cornwall MP calls for Navy-led humanitarian mission to Gaza

Alotneverhappenshere blog
Action for Gaza: 20 things you can do right now

Cornishman 03/08/14
Cornish outcry against Israeli actions grows as MP slams “cold blooded murder” of civilians in Gaza

Our supporters:
Andrew George MP
Kajal Odedra at

The campaign crew: Amanda, Lucy, Mif, Ann, Sandy, Rae, Janet, Ros, Rebecca, Martin and many others here in Cornwall… And the many many more further afield who have posted and reposted, and then started posting and tweeting, sharing and posting again and again and….

Thank you, one and all. Meur rás, onen hag oll.


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