We have watched with horror the tragic loss of life and destruction in Gaza. A health crisis is looming in Gaza for trapped civilians, with dire conditions in the main Gaza City El Shifa hospital. Doctors operate on the floor and in corridors. People die untreated. Media reports say only one x-ray machine is working with a lack of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and the most basic equipment. With borders closed, casualties are unable to leave to seek treatment elsewhere. The hospital ship RFA Argus is moored in Falmouth. She is uniquely designed for this type of necessity. We request that the British Government unilaterally and rapidly deploys RFA Argus to Gaza. We should be at the forefront of the humanitarian response, a pioneering lead from the UK in the face of traumatic world events.

Please check out our petition to the Government Change.org/hospitalship2gaza, consider signing it & then sharing amongst your own contacts. Thank you!

Target: 100,000 signatures

100,000 signatures will trigger a debate on Gaza in the UK Parliament supported by our cross-party team of MPs, Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East and NGOs. Lets get Parliament working on supporting Gaza ‘in our name’!

For regular updates visit us on Facebook or find us on Twitter #HospitalShip2Gaza

Actions and support to date

  • Palestinian NGOs are supporting the campaign: Medical Aid for Palestine and on FaceBook
  • The campaign is now being actively supported by Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East. You can find LFPME on FaceBook
  • Andrew George (LD) MP has presented the petition to parliament via email three times to David Cameron. Grahame Morris (Lab) MP has also written to the PM, and has briefed the Labour Front Bench on the campaign. Both MPs have built a wide base of cross-party support in Parliament.
  • Change.org has actively promote the campaign
  • Full coverage from local media in Cornwall, national coverage from the Independent and across a range of news outlets (online, radio & TV) from around the world
  • Petition started at change.org. Currently on day 12 (at 9pm 15/08/14) we have  67,538 signatures. It is still rising. As of 23/09/14 we now have 76,252 signatures.
  • Facebook & Twitter campaigns set up. And maintained by a network of supporters around the world – thank you!

Update 23/09/14 We have had no response at all from the Government to date. Not even an acknowledgement of a single letter. Read our article in The Ecologist to find out we feel about this, what it says about the ate of our ‘democracy’…

Thank you to the so many people who have got behind this campaign, tweeting & retweeting, helping us get it in the press, sharing & resharing…

Veronica Vickery & Chris Neal Penzance, Cornwall





Find our petition here, please sign & share
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